At one time, staying in touch with your kids while they were at college or camp required waiting by the mail box for a letter to arrive. The only way for our Grandparents to know what was going on in our lives was at family gatherings, holidays or if we spoke with them on the telephone.

Today more than ever, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is making it easier to share our lives with family and friends. Even Grandma and Grandpa have a profile page these days. Grandma loves looking at our pictures, she clicks the “like” button on our status posts.

She even makes a comment or two from time to time. She feels connected with her family as if she is right there with us every step of the way. Having personal connections with family through social media is wonderful.

At TONE-e Films, we realize that having such virtual connections will never be a replacement for one-on-one quality time, face-to-face, a warm embrace, seeing the full expression on their face, nor audibly hearing their words, stories and laughter. Unfortunately, it is not until we lose our loved ones that we realize the value of a voice mail message that we never deleted, personal photographs and home movies.

Due to our personal life experiences, we developed a product we call, "Memoreels." It's a short personal mini-documentary that is aimed at preserving family history for generations to share. Our producer and camera crew come to your location and have a intimate and fun conversation as they reflect on the past. We capture the stories, and personal messages to select family members, that only your loved one could tell.